An INCREDIBLE bike shop in San Francisco is holding a contest for my bike trip across America. YOU get to design the bike that I’ll be riding, and MISSION is going to build it – please head here-


-to design a bike and please help continue to spread the word! Design my bike and help me ride across America! Thank you so much for your continuing support and thank you Mission Bicycle! You guys are all the reason this trip may happen – help support!



Keep Spreading!

Hi all!

About 28% of the way there with just 28 days left! Check out the FACEBOOK page as well!
Please help continue to spread the word to help a great cause HALF, and a unique journey – make a donation and receive a unique photographic print from somewhere in America!
Thank you all so much so far :)!! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2078622864/one-country-one-gear


Just 42 Days Left!


I cannot begin to say thank you enough for the donations so far. I’ve just recently broke $1,000 in donations and it feels incredible! Now, with just 42 days left, I need to raise about another $4,000 and I can only do it with your help. Please continue to spread the word about my journey and project.

Two amazing people have decided to feature me on their blogs, check it out:


Thank you all so much so far, and please keep spreading my project!


Incredible 24 Hours

The past 24 hours have seriously been amazing. I couldn’t ask for better support from friends and family, whom have already helped me raise 10% towards my project! I can’t even believe it – words cant explain how grateful I am already.

Thank you all so much for your support – without you none of this would be happening. So tell friends and family! Still have 90% to go, become a part of my journey!